What is OKR

What is OKR

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Objective and Key Results (OKR)

OKR is a management framework to define and track objectives and their outcomes. It is widely used by many successful tech companies since the days they were start-ups.

OKRs comprise a clearly defined objective and 3–5 key results with specific measures used to track the achievement of that objective.

The story behind OKR

Andrew Grove

"The Father of OKR", Andrew Grove, developed the OKR approach and introduced it to start-up Intel during his tenure there in 1970s.

In 1999, the idea of OKRs was introduced to a start-up called Google, when Google had around 50 employees. Since then, Google has been using OKRs to achieve its amazing growth.

From Google, the OKR approach spread to many other tech start-up companies such as Twitter, Linkedin, Zynga, Uber, etc. Many ex-Googlers brought OKR to the start-ups that they worked for. Today, OKR is a well known management approach in the start-up world.

OKRs have helped lead us to 10× growth, many times over. They’ve helped make our crazily bold mission of "organizing the world’s information" perhaps even achievable. They’ve kept me and the rest of the company on time and on track when it mattered the most

Larry Page
former CEO of Alphabet and co-founder of Google

To successfully implement OKRs with your team, apply SMART principles to define your OKRs. They will keep your team focused and motivated in the journey to achieve greatness.



Have a clear and specific objective you want to achieve, and the reasons that motivate the people involved.


Measurable key results help you track your progress and stay focused on the top priorities.


Stretch your abilities but remain possible, so that you will get better in the game over time.


Make sure you focus on the things that matter to you and they are aligned with your objectives.


Time is the most precious resource in your life. Plan and use it wisely to achieve things that matter to you.

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