Setup OKR

Setup OKR

Define your OKR and
start the journey to achieve the objectives

Define Objectives

Objectives are inspirational common goal that your team will work towards together.  The objectives should motivate and challenge the team, so that they will learn and grow in the journey.

Focus on 3 to 5 objectives that are really important to your team. Too many objectives will make the team distracted and nothing will be done well.


"Triple the revenue in the next 12 months"

Each objective should have 3 to 5 key results that are measurable and time-bound. Pick the most important metrics as key results and focus on them, to achieve your objective.

Define Key Results

Key results are specific measures used to track the achievement of the objective. They should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART).

Each key result has a owner who can decide what tasks are needed to be done to achieve the key result and keeps tracking the progress.


"Sign new contracts total size $1,000,000 by Dec 31"

"Run demo sessions for 1,200 qualified leads by Dec 31"

"Outbound reach to 24,000 leads via cold emails and calls by Dec 31"

Each key result should be broken down into actionable tasks, and the tasks should be assigned to team members for execution.


"Outbound reach to 2,000 leads via cold emails and calls in January"

Not all the tasks directly contribute to the key result target. Sometimes, you will have supporting tasks, which the target of task can be zero.


"Setup outbound email server by January 15th"

All tasks should be time-bound no matter they are directly contributing to the key result target or not.

Manage Your OKR in One Board

With Launch OKR, you can manage your objective, key results and tasks in one board. The board shows each key result’s achieved progress, planned target and unplanned target. You can track the progress against the timeline of the key result, so you will have a good idea if the progress is lagging behind.

Each task created under the key result will contribute to the planned portion of the key result target. When you have created all the tasks, the key result should not have any unplanned target, otherwise even your team finishes all the tasks, the key result target could still be missed.

Your team should have regular meetings to update the achievements on their tasks, review the key result progress and discuss how to improve and execute the coming tasks.

Keep in mind, achieving the objectives is team effort. OKR will help your team to align with the objectives and move towards success together!

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