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Frequently asked questions

Launch OKR is a Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to help you manage OKRs with your teams. It provides an intuitive user interface that all your team members will be able to actively participate OKRs and drive to success.

All objective boards created in the beta period are free for lifetime. That means you can keep using them as long as you like.

No, there are no setup fees or hidden charges.

You can invite your team members to the objectives. Each objective board is subscribed to a plan that limits the number of users. You can upgrade the board if your need to add more team members than your current plan allows.

There is no limitations on the number of key results in one objective. However, the best practice is to have 3 to 5 key results.

You can archive the key results that have expired and create new key results for the new period.

There is no limitation on the number of tasks in one key result. However, you should only create tasks that matter to the key result outcome so that you can focus on things that matter.

OKRs have helped lead us to 10× growth, many times over. They’ve helped make our crazily bold mission of "organizing the world’s information" perhaps even achievable. They’ve kept me and the rest of the company on time and on track when it mattered the most

Larry Page
former CEO of Alphabet and co-founder of Google

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